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What We Stand For 

Be Real

Helping teens and young adults develop and discover who they are.

Walk into Sophistication

Glowing and growing into your incomparable sophisticated adulthood.

Finding your Joy

Releasing the traumas of your inner child and shifting into joy as an adult. 

What We Do 

01. Spark Entrepreneurial Energy

We watch raw energy transform into progress. We use workshops, speeches, and custom programs to spur both the young and seasoned professionals to tap in to their inner power and develop the drive of RealSophisticatedJoy.


02. Embrace Transformation

We design programs that enable others to embrace their inner strengths and lead purpose-driven lives.


03. Think Globally to Affect Change Locally

With every experience comes the opportunity to evolve. Inspired by many with whom we’ve partnered across continents, we draw on our experiences to bring a new perspective to unique challenges for advancement.

How we serve

Speaking Topics

Bully who? How to Recognize Who’s Bullying You and Who are You Bullying.

Students will walk away with the following:

  • A clear understanding of the bullying definition from stop bullying.gov
  • Identify their bullying characteristics
  • Knowing how to identify the four types of bullying
  • Knowing when to get help from a trusted adult
  • The confidence to speak up (for themselves and others)

What’s Your Address?

Where do you see yourself in life, and how will you get there?

Students will walk away with the following:

  • Precise definitions of Goal and Goal Setting
  • How to set S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • How to overcome roadblocks
  • One defined goal with steps to achieve
  • One personalized goal with steps to obtaining the goal


Guide to

Students will walk away with the following:

  • How to move past moments of feeling stuck or hopeless
  • How to define and set positive relationships with self and others
  • Learn to reach beyond comfort zone to accomplish new things
  • Strategies to maintain positive self-esteem

Through its Life Skills Workshops, RealSophisticatedJoy equips teens and young adults ages 12-24 with the necessary skills and tools; to make positive decisions and impact in their lives and the community around them.

Workshops and training topics can include:

  • Bullying Awareness and prevention
  • Self-esteem
  • Goal Setting
  • Career Development
  • Etiquettes and protocols


Interactive workshops range from 45 minutes to a half-day and may be modified for a wide range of settings.


Real Sophisticated Joy seeks to equip teens and young adults with necessary life skills to make positive life changes. We accomplish this by providing unique motivational topics and confidence coaching that challenges and supports them through their journey.


Our vision is to let the light of today’s youth shine brighter than ever before.



We vow each day to take on new challenges to pour more life and joy into lives of others with honesty, determination, boldness, and creativity, thus affirming that we will sow seeds of Joy through our work and the world.

About the speaker

Iva’s Story

Iva Ballou is a transformational speaker, confidence coach and cleft lip survivor who uses her gift of speaking as a tool against bullies. Born and raised in Jacksonville,Fl, Iva’s public speaking journey began at the early age of four when she was constantly bullied due to her bilateral cleft palate and lip and Peter’s Anomaly, which left her blind in her left eye and resulted in her having over 30 corrective surgeries.

From Our Founder and CEO


Creating Opportunities

My entire life I had someone to speak for me, felt victimized or was expected to fit into a certain box. I hated the thought of being voiceless and being a lifelong victim. I have spent my early adult life finding my own voice, my own inner joy. I now want to help others find their voice, self confidence and inner joy. Letting them know that they can overcome any and all obstacles that will come.

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Our mission is to inspire Real Sophisticated Joy into the hearts and minds of the world’s future leaders  through confidence coaching and transformational speaking.