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How To Bring Out Your Best

Challenging Self-Limiting Beliefs

When students tune in to their inner selves, they gain the self-awareness and confidence they need to dream beyond the rat race and embrace their full potential.

Celebrating Individual Strengths

Every classroom isn’t comprised of a single class, but rather a group of individuals. Students set themselves up for success by pinpointing their unique talents, and letting those talents guide them.

Promoting Leadership

Too often current systems teach students how to be members of the herd, rather than stand out from it. The first step in getting ahead tomorrow, is learning how to be a leader today.

Fostering Creativity

When every student is confined to the same sort of box, growth becomes harder to achieve. I challenge students to evolve by becoming creative problem solvers.

Developing the Integrity to Take Control

Great things happen when young minds begin to take responsibility for their own success. I remind students that when it comes to building their future, they are in the driver’s seat.

Increasing Engagement

Enthusiasm is contagious. This is precisely why we, as educators and parents, should be excited about learning. My hands-on, interactive programs show students that nothing is more exciting than taking charge of their future.


“Her stage presence was Phenomenal. Providing real-life hardships to obtain the bigger goal makes her personable, and someone can relate and use her words to trigger what they’ve been hesitant on accomplishing. Iva and her RealsophisticatedJpy inspired me to work harder and grind harder and to listen to more Beyonce when I am doing data input for my business.”

Latoya H.

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