“Bully Who?” E-Book


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Learn how to protect yourself and your kids from bullying when you preorder my eBook,
“Bully Who? A How-To Guide to Recognize Who’s Bullying You And Who Are You Bullying.” 

Teasing is another activity well-known in childhood. Kids poke fun at one another and bring up things that would somewhat be forgotten or left alone. It’s annoying and petty but does not lead to lasting negative consequences; there lies the difference between bullying and teasing. Emotional abuse tends to be the most common form of bullying behavior in the family. That is because the psychological damage weakens the victim’s confidence within themselves. Social abuse is another tactic practiced by the family bully.
This eBook will teach you:
– How to deal with a bully
– The differences between teasing vs. bullying
– How to protect your kids from bullying
– How to maintain confidence
And so much more!!!!


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